Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spooky Bag on etsy!

Wow! This little handmade bag posted on Etsy is constructed from fabric printed with an artist's charmingly spooky illustration on it. The digital painting is called "Pumpkin Harvest Day" and the artist is Lavennz Ooi Sin Yee. The seller, Julia, is from the UK and her shop Uniquely Different is full of unusual and affordable bags! More wonderful paintings by the artist, who is located in Malaysia, can be seen in her personal Etsy shop, where she includes a sweet little story or poem in her picture descriptions.

"Pumpkin Harvest Day: The girl named Anna, wearing black dress and her mood is very down because she was thinking of her parents that had passed away for a few years. Her parents left her a pumpkin field, where they spent lots of wonderful moments there. And today, another pumpkin harvest day. Anna carved the pumpkins, made them into lanterns and stand with these lanterns in a nebulous forest. She believe that the fairy tale of magic pumpkin lanterns can give her a miracle, let her meet her parents again....."

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  1. Hahaha! I'm looking for a 'like' button to push. This is such a pretty bag.