Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shh! Sleeping Dollies...

I wanted to check on my dolly drawer today here at mom's house... These three Shirley Temple composition dolls are sleeping together in packing paper in my old nightstand drawer. They were my mom's when she was a child-- these dolls are in great shape considering how old they are! Mom says she didn't play with them too much on account of how pretty they were. Here are a few details about the line of dolls from

 "Composition Dolls are made of a 6-piece (strung together with elastic) sawdust-based, wood-pulp material (composition), that was later painted flesh toned. These dolls had hazel eyes with hair upper lashes, and painted eyebrows, lower lashes, lip paint, and nostrils. The wigs were made of mohair and styled in golden curls similar to Shirleys'. The clothes were made to resemble Shirley's own clothes and the outfits of her movies. They were produced between 1934-1939. Most (except for the earliest dolls) were marked SHIRLEY TEMPLE on the back of the head and/or the back of the neck."     

Someday I think I'll make a shadowbox with one or more of these little ladies. Perhaps sometime sooner I'll take them out for a tea party...


The surface cracking effect is called "crazing".

 (I woke her up for just a moment...!)

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