Friday, September 2, 2011

Finnish Fantasy Forest Bed

I've always wanted a four-poster bed, and wow isn't this one imaginative? I think if I could own it (not likely for poor little ol' me, it costs as much as my car!) I might hang silk fall-colored leaves in reds and yellows from the branches to create my cozy bedroom of Perpetual Autumn. However I'm also really enjoying this setting in shades of white the artist has chosen to showcase the bed. It's very gentle and ethereal.

"Under the Apple Tree" canopy bed

Crafted in Finland by Attiladesign, your material choices are Birch, Ash, and Mahogany, and can be made in single, queen, king size, etc. Check out the sale listing here and browse the other artsy items in this unique Etsy shop.


  1. You could make something like this!

  2. and it would cave in and kill me! but yes, i could! :D