Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Perfect Studio!

I fall in love with spaces that would be ideal for a studio pretty often. This one I think may be the best I have seen yet!

Atmosphere is very important, and this space is just loaded with it. Imagine how cozy it would be in a rainstorm!

I took the photo from a wonderful website comprised of carefully selected borrowed images called Cantyshanty. The sense I get is that the poster simply enjoys collecting ideas for eclectic home decor and upcycling (and he/she probably is addicted to design magazines). It's a real treat to look through! If something doesn't grab you hard-- you aren't paying attention! Check it out at cantyshanty.com.

Here is another image I particularly fancied. As the website owner states "Images are copyright of their respective owners. I just don't know who they are." ...Enjoy!

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